A different kind of sugar rush

During the last 10 days of October, Youth Nation held the first ever grid-wide candy hunt, and it was Halloween-themed!

The Hunt is over! Thanks for playing!

Here's how it worked:

Players traveled to Sea 14 to pick up a bucket to store their found candy then used a list of participating sims to hop around the grid. On each sim were 20-40 candies, and the player's job was to find all the candies and fill up their pumpkin container. Once it’s full, they clicked their pumpkin container to receive a piece of the final project!

The tricks part of the hunt was the twist that candies shuffled around roughly every 5 minutes!

There were 4 main pieces to the final project:

  1. a pumpkin (not the container)
  2. a pumpkin-carving tool set
  3. a carving design
  4. a candle
When players had all 4 pieces, they rezzed them out on the ground and used them all to make a carved pumpkin! When finished, players received a lit, glowing jack-o-lantern! The final project was a nice little keepsake that makes great decoration!